What we do

The Wisconsin Horse Alliance is a central resource specifically aimed to help horse rescues, law enforcement officers, and horse owners to provide options for horses in situations of abuse, neglect, seizure, or other difficult circumstances.  Our goal is to prevent situations of unwanted horses and provide education and resources to encourage successful, safe, and healthy horse ownership.  

Our mission statement is:

Working to ensure the safety and well-being of Wisconsin's Horses through empowering owners, coordinating resources, and educating the community.

We are not involved with the direct adoption of rescue horses, rather we hope to provide a central resource hub for those individuals involved in horse rescue and align them with law enforcement officials, the equine community at large, and other equine professionals to provide options for horses in need.  

We are a 501(c)3 organization, founded in 2016.

Rescue Roundtable Events

Bi-annually, the Wisconsin Horse Alliance hosts a casual get together for all Equine Rescues within the state.  During this event, Rescues have an opportunity to network with one another as well as spend time getting to know our organization and let us know how we can help assist.  We provide a space for Equine Rescue Professionals to get together and share knowledge, resources, and best practices.  Events include participation from guest speakers and educational opportunities on a variety of topics.  Please join us.  Rescues from neighboring states are also welcome to participate.  Previous topics covered include capacity for care, veterinary resources, grant writing, compassion fatigue, and much more.

The Midwest Rescue Horse Trainer's Challenge

In September of 2018, the Wisconsin Horse Alliance will held it's first ever Midwest Rescue Horse Trainer's Challenge. This event featured adoptable horses from Horse Rescues across Wisconsin and the Midwest that were paired with  chosen trainers to train and prepare with horses for 90 days and then compete in a variety classes to showcase the versatility & talent of the adoptable rescue horse.  Please follow the event's webpage, facebook, & instagram for more information.  

Law Enforcement Outreach

Our goal is to provide training, resources and assistance to law enforcement officials in cases involving horses throughout our state.  We strive to provide resources and educational opportunities for law enforcement officials.  Please see our resource center & events page for current upcoming events for law enforcement officials.  We also provide law enforcement officials with equine informational booklets.  Please contact us if you are interested in obtaining a booklet for your department. 

The WHA Hay Bank & Feed Initiative

The WHA offers a "virtual" hay bank.  If coming across hard times or in unexpected situations of neglect, abuse, and horse seizures, Individuals or equine rescues or other organizations in need can apply for specific funds to purchase hay and feed on behalf of the Wisconsin Horse Alliance.  To apply for feed or hay assistance, please contact us at wisconsinhorsealliance@gmail.com

Development of our Online Resource Center

The WHA has put together extensive resources useful for current horse owners, new horse owners, and law enforcement officials to use as a resource.  There you will find general information about horses, various equine professional contact lists, important links & resources, and information regarding animal statues within the state of Wisconsin.  Please visit our "The Resource Center" and explore.