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As the newly elected Board President of the Wisconsin Horse Alliance (WHA), it’s a privilege for me to lead such a dedicated team of talented professionals and horse enthusiasts. WHA is a diverse group of people, ranging from equine veterinarians and rescue/shelter professionals, to horse enthusiasts. With a goal of maximizing rescue efforts and gaining community support for horses and other equids in Wisconsin, we all agree that education is the cornerstone of our mission and the key to long-term success. We’re excited to share with you our strategic goals for 2017 in hopes that you will help us to support this mission!

Equine Cruelty Investigations Training - When it comes to cases of equine cruelty or neglect, WHA understands the close partnership between law enforcement and equine rescue organizations in working to prevent and address these cases. We believe it’s essential to cultivate and strengthen relationships with law enforcement authorities. As part of our mission, the Wisconsin Horse Alliance aims to provide law officials with free Equine Cruelty Investigations trainings statewide to help identify equine abuse and neglect, understand minimum standards of care, and feel confident working with equines and their owners when following up with an abuse/neglect reports. These classes will prepare responders to safely work around horses as well as preparing them to be better equipped to handle cases or concerns regarding equines. Some of the topics covered will include making the case / case histories, minimum horse care standards , color and breed identification, horse psychology and behaviors, hoof anatomy and hoof problems, dental care of equines, horse handling and safety, use of height and weight tapes, body condition scoring, examining for illness and injury, trailering tips, and emergency response techniques. Class will include hands on work with horses, as all trainings will take place at equestrian facilities throughout the state. Stay tuned for more information on our website as we finalize details and event dates!

Rescue Roundtable – Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 29th 12:00-3:30pm at Dane County Humane Society (5132 Voges Road in Madison). As we all know, it takes more than passion to run a successful equine rescue. We believe that the unification of statewide rescues is essential to maximizing rescue efforts and ensuring the well-being of Wisconsin horses. In an effort to connect rescues of all sizes and from all locations, WHA will be holding a Rescue Roundtable Event. The event is open to staff, volunteers, and board members of each organization. Individuals who wish to learn more about Wisconsin Horse Alliance or have an interest in what it takes to start and successfully manage an equine rescue are encouraged to attend! These informative events will not only be an opportunity for rescues to take home fresh new ideas and to learn about a variety of valuable topics (i.e. establishing a successful volunteer program, grant writing fundamentals, marketing, transfer programs, etc.) but will also be an opportunity for rescues to network and learn from each other the contributing factors for success. From grassroots organizations to veteran equine rescue professionals, we hope that this event will be an opportunity to recognize our shared goals and help to set new organizations up for success while giving long standing organizations the opportunity to share valued knowledge and skills. For more information, visit the Events page on our website.

Please RSVP to if you would like to attend!

Introducing NEW Committees – Wisconsin Horse Alliance is filled with enthusiastic and ambitious individuals, and we decided to divide up into committees to maximize our productivity outside of our monthly board meetings. To meet the goals of our mission and the needs of the community, we established a Marketing and Public Relations Committee, Fundraising/Donations Committee, and Partnership Development Committee. Below is a brief snapshot of the goals of each committee.

Marketing and PR – This committee meets in the Madison area and focusing on website content/design, daily updates and educational materials on social media, monthly blog posts, responding to messages on facebook and our quarterly newsletter

Fundraising/Donations – This committee meets in the Hillsboro area, and prepares marketing materials (brochures, flyers, business cards, apparel), donor relations, ensures donations are tracked appropriately and acknowledgement sent out, coordinates donation drop off sites and pickup, also overlaps with the Marketing and Public Relations Committee in event coordination, and is currently working on grants. This committee is currently in the planning stages of this year’s annual fundraising event!

Partnership Development – This committee meets in the southeastern part of the state (Ozaukee/Sheboygan/Washington Counties). The primary focus of this group is to strengthen relationships with law enforcement, coordinate trainings/workshops for law enforcement to aid these officials in recognizing equine cruelty and neglect, and secondly to strengthen relationships with other equine rescues.

WHA continues to grow! We welcome the opportunity for you to join one of our committees and help make a difference in the lives of Wisconsin’s horses! We invite you to join us by sharing the resources on our website, liking us on Facebook, and reaching out to us with ideas or suggestions!

Thank you for your continued support!

Rachelle LeJeune

WHA Board President

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