Law Enforcement Quick Links

This section is meant to provide law enforcement just-in-time support in cases of cruelty or neglect.

Do you want to.....

……get guidance on a cruelty or neglect case from the WI DATCP Animal Welfare Programs Manager?

Contact Dr. Yvonne Bellay at 608-224-4888 or   

…..evaluate a horse’s body condition?

Check out the Henneke Body Condition Chart and Video:



…..get help with large animal emergency rescue and response?

                  Contact the Wisconsin Large Animal Emergency Response who provides support for large animal emergencies, especially horses and cattle.


….. contact a Wisconsin humane officer or determine if your part of Wisconsin has a humane officer?

…..figure out if what you’re seeing in an animal is abuse or disease?

Please contact a local veterinarian licensed in the state of Wisconsin.