Annual Cost of Horse Ownership

Prior to becoming a new horse owner, understanding the basic costs of owning a horse is essential to be able to support your horse.  The costs to consider include those things discussed in the “BASIC NEEDS OF EVERY HORSE” page and many other additional costs (tack, trailer, other equipment, show fees, and keeping a base amount around in case of medical emergencies).

Categories of Cost to Expect:

These are approximate estimates to consider and there can be variations:


($250-600/ month)


($100-250/month, sometimes included in boarding costs)


($30-40/6-8 weeks barefoot, $80-200/6-8 weeks shoeing)


( $60-75/month for routine services-wellness exam, vaccinations, coggins, dentistry)


(Basic tack/equipment $200-$500 and up, prices vary wildly depending on type of tack/equipment)


($25-80/ 1 hour lesson)


($350-1000/for one emergency medical situation on the farm for a horse)

Additional costs to consider

-Hospitalization Emergency or Scheduled

($3,000-$10,000 and up for emergency surgeries, medical hospitalization, or general surgeries)

-End of Life an Body Disposal

($200-$500 for veterinary euthanasia and body pick up/disposal more for burial or cremation)


For a rough idea of some of the costs of horse ownership, see the following youtube video from individuals from “Equine Guelph: Full Circle Responsibility”


Additional resources include this blog from the University of Minnesota Equine Extension that suggests that the annual cost of horse ownership is around $6400 per year for one healthy horse.  Since costs tend to be regionally specific with hay prices etc, this is a fairly accurate estimate for horses within Wisconsin.