Adopting from a Horse Rescue

Why Adopt A Horse?

In the equestrian world today, there are a number of places one can look to get a horse, ranging from private sales, to auctions, to breeders, to free ads. It’s worthwhile, however, to consider the long list of the benefits of adopting a horse:

  • Adopting gives an otherwise homeless animal, through no fault of their own, a new, loving home.

  • Most rescues have horses available of various breeds, ages, and disciplines, so there is a wide selection to choose from to fit an individual’s needs. From trail riding, to jumping, to barrel racing, to just doing groundwork, rescues can tell an individual about each horse’s potential, and/or previous skills.

  • While rescues usually ask an adoption fee for available horses, this fee is usually much lower than other sources.

  • Most rescues require/prefer that a horse comes back to them if he/she doesn’t work out, so if your adopted horse simply is not a good match for you, you still have somewhere to turn should you find yourself in this situation.

  • It is a myth that horses from rescues all are old, injured, or untrained. Horses come to rescues from a large variety of situations, including horses whose owners simply have fallen across hard times and have to give them up.

  • Adopting from a rescue gives a potential adopter the ability to receive thorough information about the horse’s background, including prior medical and behavior history, and an honest assessment about the horse’s potential for any future disciplines. Rescues put a lot of love, time, and money into caring for each horse, and thus the ultimate goal is finding the best match for each horse and rider.

These are just a few of the many benefits of adopting a horse! For more information on adopting, or to see horses available for adoption throughout Wisconsin, check out our links to find a local rescue in your area!