Empowering Owners


The Wisconsin Horse Alliance is committed to empowering all horse owners in our state by providing a rich web of resources to help in a variety of situations. For horse owners who have come across hard times, we provide a central network of support and further options to allow you to keep your horses in your care, or find alternative, humane solutions. 

Coordinating Resources


The Wisconsin Horse Alliance aims to provide a centralized place where people who care about horses can come together to get the support and resources they need. We work to align law enforcement, veterinarians, and equine rescue and humane society officials to provide humane outcomes in neglect and abuse cases, large seizures, and placement of unwanted horses.  

Educating the Community


The Wisconsin Horse Alliance is dedicated to improving the lives of horses through education of the equine community at large. We hold annual educational events for equine rescue organizations, horse owners, and law enforcement officials, have a presence at local equine gatherings, and provide accurate and up-to-date information for horse owners through our website. 

WHA Board of Directors 

The Wisconsin Horse Alliance is made up of a diverse group of horse enthusiasts from all across the state of Wisconsin including horse lovers, horse owners, humane society officials, equine rescue managers, equine veterinarians, animal humane officers and others dedicated to the well-being of the horse within our state.  We have up to a nine member board of directors that is voted on annually. We are always looking for more help so please take a look around our website and contact us if you are interested in joining our mission. Please contact us via email at wisconsinhorsealliance@gmail.com.  Thank you for your support!